A collective of optimists

goodgood firmly believes that industry-changing, disruptive ideas must be well communicated from their first day. Led by technologists, designers, and entrepreneurs, goodgood has a very simple mission. We get you to your next milestone.

From product planning to branding and go-to-market strategy, we act like an in-house team. Gone are the days where you would brief a creative agency and receive a fancy presentation 4 weeks later. Instead, we take the time to get to know what your needs are, and create the brief with you. We work with you to set milestones aligned with your product and business goals. Then, we get to work on getting your product to that milestone. We wanted to create an agency that we would personally want to work with. The only difference from "real" agencies is that we do it in an agile, flexible way. You, the client, are involved in every step. We iterate quickly and have the work to show for it. 

We still do fancy presentations, though. 




Experience strategy

goodgood likes to keep what's good and improve what needs improvement. So, we analyse your existing user experience through observation, questionnaires, and user-testing. We find pain points and improve them. There is a clear strategy: find the most necessary and cost-effective improvements. Your goals, financial, and technical resources are always the most important. 

Product strategy

In an ever-changing world, our products can shift daily. Everyone used to go crazy for those nice flash sites, remember? Then came banner campaigns, followed by facebook apps (LOL), and mobile dedicated apps to transform into social networks and so-lo-mo and native advertising and content creation and services in SMS messages and messenger and bots. We make sense of all of this and decide together on what the best course of action will be. MUST it be a website? Or an app? How can we get market validation for an idea? How can we test it and iterate fast enough so that by the time we KNOW what the right course is? Do we still have resources to implement it? The answer to those questions is product strategy.

Communication strategy

Every communication strategy or brand has a corner stone, a constant that keeps the company itself and its clients united around this one concept. We accompany our clients in understanding the brand's story and defining its communication strategy in a way we can implement the communication within a company. We make it shine. Our clients are challangers - companies and individuals who believe passionately in their projects. We make a sound plan that is coherent and has the right tone of voice. 


Design / UI / UX


Digital / Graphic design

Our team has won awards for digital design and conception around the world. We make sure your product looks and feels like a great designer worked on it. Wait, not "like" great digital designers work on it. 

Interaction design

On top of "how it looks", there is also "how it feels" - is it responsive to touch? How does it move and indicate that an action has happened? How does it feel when it gets information? What does the product "say" to minimize frustration and maximize satisfaction? The interaction has a color, and a tone, and a feel to it. We have done dozens of projects where the little interaction details made all the work for us. 


Digital products are diverse and design is deeper than the eye can see. Good UI starts with product understanding and a profound understanding of who the user is. Then, it entails forgetting everything we thought we knew about how the UI should look and start asking users what they expect. Out of what they expect, we innovate and give users the delightfully unexpected. Users don't know always what they want, but they do know when they see it. The interface is the gateway for a real interaction with any product - digital or otherwise. We make sure we nail it. 


User experience isn't only digital - it's the smell of bread in a bakery, and the sound a digital camera makes, even though it has no film in it. We know how gentle UX work is. Asking the right questions. Knowing who to ask. Really listening. To distil the conclusions and go, yet again, to another product iteration. Make it quick, but make it great, and make a prototype. Making all those other things on that UX product list - we prioritize and make a series of MVPs until the product ceases to be an MVP.